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Moving Tips and Advice

Choose moving companies that have been around for at least ten years. Any reputable mover will provide you with a written estimate of moving expenses and services. One way to ensure pleasant and stress free moving experience is getting one flat price that will not change when the movers show up. You should have picked your final choice of moving company at least one to two months in advance. Let the mover know how much packing you intend to do. Of course the more flexible you are, the less the cost will be. Once you've selected a mover, be sure to confirm the move dates and details. Generally, any loss during transit is the loss of the company and they reimburse it. If you are moving to a different state, check to make sure the mover is licensed by the Federal Department of Transportation. Ask the mover how they can be contacted before the move, during the move, and after the move. Here is some moving advice to get you started. If your pets are micro-chipped, be sure to call and update your address and phone number. Pack an "essentials" box for arrival, with toiletries, paper plates, etc. On moving day you should be at home when the movers arrive to supervise their work. While the boxes are being loaded onto the moving van you may want pets and very small children to stay with relatives or a babysitter for the day. Check personal insurance policies to see whether moving is covered. Get valuables out of your safe deposit box. Don't forget to get pet records from your veterinarian

Self Storage Contract

Self Storage Contract  

When you are prepared to sign a contract with a self-storage facility, it is vital that you read the fine print in order to be fully knowledgeable about what you’re being charged for and what the charges cover.

You might even want to consider asking the self-storage company if they can give you a sample of your contract before you sign with them, so you can take some time at home to read it over. This way, you can cover any concerns or questions you have with the self-storage facility when it is time to sign the contract. There are several points covered in the self-storage contract, and there are certain items that you should concentrate on.

Look at the self-storage contract to see what happens if you miss or are late on a rental payment. Ask the facility what their company policy is in regards to employee access to your self-storage rental unit. Make sure what they say is in the contract.

Go over the contract to see exactly what you are being charged for, and what these charges cover. You will want to look carefully to see if there are any discrepancies between what the contract says and what you agreed upon with the facility.

The contract should include a complete inventory of the items that you are storing. Confirm with the self-storage company that both of your lists match, and that the correct list is what appears on the contract. Ask what the policy is if you add items to your self-storage unit.

Look over the contract for your self-storage unit to see what it says about using the company’s equipment to move your belongings to and from the unit. Many companies offer this service for free, but you will want to see if this service is only free for a limited period of time.

As you read the contract, clarify what the policies and conditions are for your deposit. In relation to this, find out how short a notice you have to give when canceling your self-storage rental contract.

Insurance is a vital aspect of your self-storage contract. Self-storage facilities do not include comprehensive storage insurance into the cost of rental. Read over the contract to see what kind of insurance is included in the cost of your self-storage rental. You should also understand that if you choose not to include a more comprehensive storage insurance, you might void certain rights included in the contract. It is in your best interest to get a more comprehensive self-storage insurance.

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